Day 30


Wednesday, Nov 4th, 2009. Last day of my challenge. Alright, I made it. What happens next?

My weight did not change much, I’m currently at 69.7kg (153.7 lbs), but I believe my face looks better. Everyone knows alcohol makes us swell. A friend told me I look thinner, which supports that theory, since I haven’t lost much weight.

I made some decisions towards drinking. I want to drink only on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays. I mean, 3 times a week at maximum, which does not imply that I will HAVE to drink on 3 days every week.  If I drink in a special day, I would compensate it by not drinking on Friday the same week, for example. But this is only a plan.

For those who drink frequently and THINK everything is under control, I suggest that you go for a similar challenge. If you think 30 days are too much, try one or two weeks. Are you sure you can make it? You don’t need to answer me that, just make yourself that same question.

For those who never drank, I can say that alcohol is a very cool and socially accepted drug. If you decide to start using it, you will need to learn how to control it, some thing that many people just can’t do it. You need serious RESPONSIBILITY. If you can’t, give it up.

For the “newbiews”, here’s a cartoon from Savage Chickens wemsite about this subject.


Thanks for everybody who supported me and who now share the pleasure of this WIN!

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  1. Cara, você não deixou formas de identificá-lo por que? Olha só, primeiro parabéns pelo sucesso da sua jornada. Ainda tá bebendo? algo mudou? bebe menos? sai menos de casa pra isso? Eu estou repetindo a sua experiência, decidi fazer isto no Facebook depois que li seu blog. Que conhecer?, fico aguardando o seu CURTIR por lá. Abraços!

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