Day 15


15 days. Looking at the numbers only, we can say I’m at the middle of my way to win the challenge. But there are three things that make me believe I’m not at 50%:

  • I feel like the worst has gone, so I have a feeling that the next 15 days will be easier than the first round. So it’s like I’m beyond those 50%. Say, 70%.
  • Since I feel stronger, I think I could easily extend my challenge to stay more days with no drink. Let’s say 60 days. In that case, I would be at 25%.
  • My challenge is to stay 30 days without drinking. So if I stay 29 days sober and drink at the thirtiest day it is a FAIL. It’s the kind of ALL or NOTHING challenge.

Leo showed me an  EXCELLENT doc from BBC produced in 2009 called “Do I Drink Too Much?”. In 1 hour they analyze the effects of alcohol in our system, tendencies to alcoholism, risks involved, the presence of alcohol in our daily routine and they also raise some good questions. I strongly recommend it. Thanks Leo! Here are some chunks of the movie script for reflection:

1) “I’ve stood here for a minute thinking about this liver test that I’m going to have. And…it occurs to me that, on the one hand, it’s likely to be absolutely fine and on the other hand, what if it’s not OK? I’m not sure if I’m prepared for that. And I know I’m not prepared for a doctor to tell me that I have to stop drinking.  That’s quite a shocking thought.”

2) “I don’t think it strikes you at the time how often you’re drinking and how much you are until you try to stop. That’s what happened to me – I tried to stop.”

3) “What also starts to slowly change is the amount you’d need to drink to get the same effect. An alcoholic isn’t just created overnight. It seems to take years of subtle incremental changes. That was really what happened in the case of my father.  Changes occurred gradually over time.  His drinking became more and more intensive and sustained and problematic. No-one sets out to be an alcoholic and he certainly didn’t. It just happened.”

This movie can be downloaded through torrent and you can get the english subtitles from website.

Note: I’ve started an effort to translate the subtitles to portuguese. If you speak portuguese and not english, please wait until a portuguese version is available. If you do speak portuguese and would like to help with the translation, please leve a comment here with your email (for your safety, it won’t be published) and I will contact you.

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