Day 10



– Hello.
– Hi. I was thinking of doing something, maybe the movies. Have you watched Tarantino’s newest, “Inglorious Basterds”?
– Yeah, I’ve seen it. I’m a Tarantino fan and I was anxious for this film. I loved it.
– Mmm… We could make one of those dinners at my place, we can call everyone and…
– Just a note: I’m not drinking. I started a challenge.
– Really? And how’s that?
– I decided to stay 30 days without drinking. I’ve also created a blog or that.
– …

End of chat.

I like wines and I always have some at home ready to be tasted. There is a group of friends that is used to get together to cook, drink wine and talk a lot. This time I ran out of choices. OK, you can think I could go there and not drink anything. But it’s about a ritual. The ritual is food, wine and talk. I’d rather not go. I miss my wines.

A movie theater is one of the places where I think people don’t have fun drinking. I love the cinema and I need to pay full attention to the screen. I’ve never understood what’s so interesting in dating in the theater. You sit at the side of the other person, you can’t even hug him/her. A movie theater is a comfortable place to watch a movie, not to make out. Besides, if I drink I will have to leave for the bathroom some time in the middle of the movie, and I HATE to miss 1 minute of it.

Without the wine and the movies, I accepted the invitation of my friend Vagner to watch a DVD he had just bought. We had never heard about that movie, but we got a wonderful surprise when we watched it. It’s great, and it also has Takashi Miike in a cameo appearance.  The movie is Yasuo Inoue’s “Neighbor No. 13” (in japanese,  “Rinjin 13-go”). I strongly recommend it. Takashi Miike, if you don’t know him, is one of Tarantino’s idols. And obviously, the idol of my idol is my idol too. One film from Miike that I recommend: “Dead or Alive”.

In general, I’m feeling very well. Of course I’m sorry I can’t drink a wine or beers with friends. But everything has its price, and I think what I am getting is worth the sacrifice.

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